Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Hoses, Drilling Hoses, Hoses for Concrete Pumps
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Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Hoses, Drilling Hoses, Hoses for Concrete Pumps
Hydrocom Company Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Hoses, Drilling Hoses, Hoses for Concrete Pumps
Hydraulic Hoses Fittings Industrial Hoses Drilling Hoses Hoses for Concrete Pumps Hydraulic Components Hose Assembling Equipment
Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Hoses, Drilling Hoses, Hoses for Concrete Pumps

"Hydrocom" is one of the biggest assembly enterprises
for manufacturing of high-pressure hydraulic hoses in Russia

Hydrocom company office

"Hydrocom" is a multispectral company which is engaged in manufacturing and delivering of hydraulic and industrial hoses and hydraulic components to engineering plants, industrial complexes, private customers.

The company has essential industrial and stock resources to provide uninterrupted deliveries of qualitative production.

Modern hi-tech complex Uniflex:

  • 5 swaging lines
  • Industrial complex with the area more then 1100 м2
  • Flushing and testing equipment
  • Stands for static and dynamic tests of high pressure hydraulic hoses
  • Technological interoperational control and quality control at all production phases

Modern industrial-warehouse complex:

  • Warehouse of hoses with capacity of more than 800 euro-pallets
  • Warm warehouse - 600 м2 - for fittings and hydraulic components
  • Modern cargo handling equipment, possibility of loading of any kind of transport
  • Free delivery door to door to clients in St. Petersburg or other carriers


Supplied production

High pressure hydraulic hoses

  • We supply hydraulic hoses of the leading European manufacturer - MANULI (Italy)
  • We supply high pressure hydraulic hoses both assembled with fittings and without
  • Large selection of the most popular types of hoses


  • We supply fittings, swaging ferrules to the companies engaged in manufacturing of high pressure hydraulic hoses
  • Available all utilized fittings, both domestic and European standards: DK, DKO, SF3000, SF6000, JIC, JIS, BSP, ORFS, Banjo, and others

Industrial hoses

  • Wide range of products from SEMPERIT (Austria), TUBI GOMMA (Italy), IVG (Italy)
  • Support big diameter hoses with fittings
  • All products are certified

Drilling hoses

  • Offer drilling hoses of 76 mm diameter up to 36 m in length, and 50 mm up to 40 m in length in four types of pressure
  • Hoses are assembled with various types of fittings: thread connection, pipe connection, quick-release couplings, etc.

Hoses for concrete pumps

  • We make hoses with flanges for feeding of concrete on the basis of SEMPERIT (Austria) and IVG (Italy) hoses
  • Promptly produce the hoses for concrete on request of the customer

Hydraulic components

  • We supply hydraulic components of the leading European manufacturers for hydraulic systems: quick-release couplings, adapters, adaptors 24 DIN, clamps, seals, etc.

Equipment for manufacture of high pressure hydraulic hoses

  • We supply the equipment for manufacture of high pressure hydraulic hoses: cutting machine tools, mobile and industrial presses, test benches


Short history

The Company has been established in 2002 by association of the group of specialists who already had 8-year experience of work in hydraulic business.

Since 2003 the company began the serial deliveries of high pressure hydraulic hoses to conveyor manufactures of some of machine-building plants, also the stock has been considerably enlarged as well as the deliveries of hydraulic hoses, fittings and connections at all the territory of Russia.

In the same year the serial production of drilling hoses began, and our company was the unique enterprise in Russia which could swage the drilling hoses of MANULI company (Italy) with the diameter up to 76 mm and working pressure of 350 Bar.

Since 2004 the company also supplies industrial hoses (for air, water, gases, etc.) of Semperit, Tubi Gomma, IVG companies. Since 2006 the company also manufactures the hoses for concrete pumps.

In 2006 a new convenient office has been constructed (near the ring-road of St.-Petersburg).

In 2007 the construction of a new industrial-warehouse complex in the city of Kirovsk (Leningrad region) with a total area of 1 hectare (including the closed warehouse complex of 1000 m2 and the industrial block of 1100 m2) is completed.

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